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El Samboskani crew relocates sailing and power vessels on short coastal passages and across the world’s oceans

Our reputation for service, safety and care is recognized internationally and our long standing client base includes private clients and yacht operators worldwide. El Samboskani has experience of moving yachts in many different parts of the world and are familiar with Customs and Clearance procedures which can appear complex and can lead to problems if not undertaken correctly. Our skippers have a good understanding of the processes involved and are well versed in presenting and obtaining the correct paperwork when required, particularly where VAT is concerned. At El Samboskani we also have good links with a number of other yacht management companies who can advise further on VAT and vessel, import and export from the EU.



Over the years we have gathered extensive knowledge and experience with regard to all kinds of conversions

We have years of experience, highly skilled project teams, extensive newbuild and engineering knowledge, expertise and facilities. Our capability to provide the best possible service lies in our core strengths of engineering, craftsmanship and project management. EL Samboskani has all the expert knowledge, experience, capacity and resources to implement all types of conversions. These can include the lengthening of ships, conversions into pipe laying and cable laying vessels, accommodation ships, and much more. We also carry out the conversion of barges. Contact us at any time for advice, engineering and price calculations.



We service over a hundred boats annually

To meet the operational requirements of a vessel and comply with classification rules and regulations, maintenance is vital. It is also often necessary to adapt and extend the lifetime of a vessel. With our experienced shipyard and our motivated and skilled teams, we always have a suitable facility available to maintain your vessels in the best possible way. With our knowledge and decades of experience in the maintenance of seagoing and inland vessels, we are able to take on the most challenging maintenance projects in the shortest possible time schedules. Our highly-trained employees, in combination with our experienced and reliable project management teams, are able to perform planned maintenance work on board vessels, the scope of which is established in line with customer requirements. Projects are always planned to take place within a fixed time schedule, to the highest quality standards and according to budget.



We are experts in refits, lifetime extensions and rejuvenation programs for all types of vessels

Every ship ages over time, requiring ship owners to invest in their assets. El Samboskani is expert in refits, lifetime extensions and renovation programs for vessels across all markets. We can assist owners with thorough refit preparation and turn every project into a success right from the beginning. With new technical developments and after a long lifetime of service, a vessel may not be state-of-the-art anymore. A refit may then be required to completely refresh or provide a lifetime extension of the vessel. At El Samboskani, we are well aware of the complexities of refits. Supported by strong design and engineering capacity, we can cooperate with you from the earliest stages in the refit process. And of course we are more than able to carry out any refit or rebuilding projects using our group-wide experience and capabilities.



We are available 24/7 in order to deliver the best possible service

Our reputation is based on delivering short lead times for repairs, high quality work and minimal vessel downtime. With our highly skilled teams and years of experience we are able to repair all kinds of damage; whether or not we built the vessel. At our yards we have all the facilities required to get our customers on their way as soon as possible, and El Samboskani always offers internationally competitive rates. We understand that any damage to a vessel is inconvenient. That’s why El Samboskani craftsmanship ensures that customers get a quick, safe and reliable service so that they can get on their way as soon as possible. Whether damage occurs through a collision, fire or because of malfunctioning equipment, we have the experience and the knowledge to repair it.

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