We have been working hard for 5 generations crafting dreams by building personalized yachts. At our facilities covering 7,000 square meters, 100 highly skilled craftsmen ensure 90 percent of the job is done in-house, delivering a truly unique yachting experience. Here at Samboskani Shipyard, our savvy owners always get better yachts than the ones they initially dreamed of … Owning a boat is a lifetime journey, on which we become companions with our clients, staff, and suppliers. Companionship needs openness and honesty. And honesty is the bedrock of the family values that we have preserved and carried into business. Respect; A craftsman for 40 years should listen to a new graduate engineer. And the engineer should do the same when experience is needed. Respect is a part of craftsmanship that we inherited from older generations. Together, led by a team of skilled managers, Samboskani prides itself on a workplace where everyone produces in harmony.Samboskani in Egypt is a person who has knowledge. Yes we have the knowledge; with this knowledge inherited from our past, we build boats for the future. Believing in the power of knowledge, we hire professionals who use information to deliver excellence at the issues that we don’t know.

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FUEL BARGE 200 TON General Specifications ● Launch Name: FUEL BARGE 200 TON ● Year: 2016 ● Hull: Steel ● Length: 31.00 M. ● Beam: 7.50 M. ● Draught: 2.50 M. ● Speed: 10 knots ● Fuel Capacity: 40,000 L. ● Water Capacity: 25,000 L. ● Sewage: 20,000 L. ● Cargo Capacity: DWT 200 ton…

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